It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

Moving has become a common phenomenon in today's society with people having different experiences and different stories to tell. Some similar events are however noted and some opinions are heard over and over again making people believe it. While there are some truths in what people say, some are serious misconceptions that you believing in it will be a moving mistake. Thus, it is important you don't rely on these myths and dig deeper to get a full picture of what it entails. Let's look at some of these myths that relate to moving house.

First Myth: Moving Yourself Is Cheaper

Don't be too convinced about it, while you might find renting a moving truck cheaper than hiring a moving company, the cost can still amount to be the same at the end.

This is because you will still incur some other cost like:

Fueling, insurance, road tolls and parking permits

Lodging and feeding for long distance move

Packing materials and so on

. When your little expenses have been put together it might turn out that moving items yourself is not necessarily cheaper than using moving companies.

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Second Myth:All Moving Companies Are the Same

This is not really so.

Different movers offer different rates, conditions, services and special features. Not all of them are experienced and offer quality service. Some of them are not insured and do not have the proper license. Some are scams while some have good customer reviews.

Do not just hire any moving company you come across, find out more about them and check their authenticity. The low quote you see them offer can be very tempting making you fall into the trap of wanting to choose them. Get comparable estimates, visit their office and look for recommendations.

Third Myth: Any Box You Use is Fine

There are certain boxes that will not suit your moving needs and thus might not properly contain some heavy stuff or survive impacts from the whole conveyance. They will certainly scatter and expose your items to possible damage. Cardboard boxes, for example, will not be strong enough to hold and secure your items against damage. Used boxes too may also be compromised. There are special boxes for packing and moving that are strong and even in size. Some of them are picture and dish boxes for delicate and prized movables. It is better to go for brand new boxes to be sure you get 100% protection from it.


Fourth Myth: Checking Inventory and Labelling Your Boxes Is Of No Use  

Checking your inventory and labelling them is a good organization and it helps you keep track of all your items.

It also helps the movers to know where to keep and unpack your stuff in your new home while also helping you to know where to find any of your stuff.

Thus, your time will be well managed.

Also, you will be able to immediately know when any of your belonging is missing during and after the move and if there are any damages to them.

Fifth Myth: All Your Belongings Will Be Moved By Movers

There are some things moving companies won't help you convey you because of lawful, ethical, or security concerns. Some domestic goods like chemicals and explosive materials are hazardous and identified as unsafe to travel with. Moving guns and liquor are also illegal. Perishable foods are also avoided as well as items of sentimental value that cannot be replaced if they are damaged. Pets too are avoided.

Sixth Myth: The Insurance in Your Contract Covers Damaged or Lost Possessions

The insurance you get for free only covers $ 0.60 for every pound per your belonging. It won't even allow a punitive claim on damage claims. For that peace of mind, go for full insurance coverage so that your movers will be accountable for any lost or damaged item. An additional insurance from a third party also helps for your most valuable belongings.

Seventh Myth: The Best Day to Move Is On Friday

Is it best or most convenient? Yes, it is the last day of the working week, which leads you into the weekend (two free days), with sufficient time to pack and get settled.

The downside of a Friday-move, however, overshadows the potential advantages:

You will incur a higher moving cost because movers charge higher on Friday and weekends

Movers are rushed for Fridays and you might end up not getting the quality ones

Friday comes with heavy traffics as a lot of people go away for the weekend

A less busy day is cheaper

Businesses close at weekends so you might not be able to get stuff you want for your new home

Eighth Myth: You Only the Need Money That Equals the Estimate

You will certainly need more than that.

Though the moving consultant estimate can be accurate, there are some other expenses that you still need some more money for.

Some of them are:

Expenses associated to moving like packing supplies, travel expenditures and tips

Rent, mortgage and security deposit for new home


Facelift works and furnishing your new home

Living expenditures like medications, groceries and other essentials that you will probably need in your new home

Other unforeseen expenses For those that did not research properly and did not take time to study and understand their contract, they might be surprised with some hidden cost and additional charges.

There are also extra costs if you add some new stuff that is not part of their previous estimate.

Do not be misled by moving house myths.

Do the proper research and get your facts.